Whale Sushi, Popular in Japan, Illegal Elsewhere

Japanese sushi lovers eat whale and other types of exotic, sometimes endangered ocean animals and fish. http://current.com/items/89506239_whale-sushi-expensive-tastes-good-and-... Eating these protected species is prohibited in many other countries.

A restaurant in Santa Monica, CA was caught serving Sei whale sushi by a group of environmental filmmakers who were in town for the 2010 Academy Awards. The restaurant has admitted its wrongdoing, but could face up to $200,000 in fines.

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It's unnecessary. Poor

It's unnecessary. Poor whales.

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I don't get it, either. I

I don't get it, either. I learned that in Japan, they say they are catching whales for scientific purposes, then turn them into sushi.

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That's sad - eating whales

That's sad - eating whales isn't like eating fish!

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Being someone who would try

Being someone who would try anything once, this definitely makes me hesitate!

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