Bistro Turkey and Hummus Sandwich

Great bistro stlye sandwiches at home can be easy. With the right ingredients you will be transported to a café enjoying the great flavors of bistro and coffee house sandwices. Many people have the George Forman grill or some other type of countertop grill. A hardy bread such as rye, pumpernickle or chabatta, which is a denser type of Italian bread, will do. All you need for this is thin sliced turkey, hummus, feta cheese, sliced plum tomatoes, and baby spinach. Spread the hummus on both sides of bread and sprinkle the feta cheese then layer turkey, tomatoes and spinach on one side of bread. Close the sandwich and spray lightly with a non stick spray and place on a preheated sandwich press untill grill marks appear, and enjoy.

Watch this Video to even make your own Hummus!

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