Curry: Mysterious Spice Unveiled
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To many, curry is something only used in Indian cooking. The yellow curry, which is commonly used in American cooking, is primarily turmeric power, an incredibly strong antioxidant. The other key spices in curry are coriander, fenugreek seeds, and cumin. Many other spices are used in curry, for instance; mustard, poppy, celery, mace, chili powder to name a few. It is far more economical to purchase a curry than to make it, since so many spices and herbs are ground to this precious powder. Although, keep an eye out for some simple curry recipes on this site. The flavor change that curry powder can bring to your chicken salad recipe is incredible. To figure out how much to use, I always try to get a light to medium yellow color on the food I am using it in. It gives a nice hint of the seasoning that most people will like. Once you start to use curry you will find many of your favorite recipes can be up-scaled with the simple addition of curry.

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