Everything you ever wanted to know about Coke
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Ever wondered if all that trivia about Coke is true. Here are the answers.

Was cocaine ever really an ingredient of Coke?
Yes. But the amount was so small that it was almost non-existent. Although, Coca-Cola hasn't had any cocaine since 1929, cocaine-free coca leaves are still a main ingredient.

What makes Coke taste like Coke?
There are many ingredients in the recipe. Some of the most important are: vanilla, orange oil, lime oil, lemon oil, cinnamon and sugar or corn-syrup. And, of course, the carbon dioxide that makes it fizzy.
It also has an extremely small amount of coca leaves and kola nuts.

Is the recipe really a secret?
Yes and no. All the ingredients are public knowledge. However, the processes used aren't.

Why do Cokes taste different in different countries?
The Coca-Cola company works as a franchise. They sell the syrup to local companies who add water and sweeteners, carbonate the drink, bottle it, and sell it.

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