Shrimp and Scallop Kabobs

Grilling shrimp and scallop kabobs for a summer meal is a quick and easy. You can look like a pro and no one can be the wiser to how easy this meal really is to make. Choosing jumbo shrimp and scallops for your kabobs will give you a nice meal, and not shrink up to erasers when they are done cooking. When you purchase your shrimp and scallops always make sure to smell them, they should not smell like ammonia that is the smell that will tell you that the seafood is bad. I like to do a light marinade with some fresh herbs and Italian dressing. The marinade is a quick marinade, not more than 45 minutes to an hour, or the marinade will actually start to cook the seafood. Here is a simple marinade for you to use. Adding in a zucchini and tomato skewer and some, steamed rice will round out the meal to a complete dinner.


Marinade for Seafood Kabobs

-1 bottle of non-separating Italian dressing
-1 cup chopped basil
-1 stem fresh rosemary
-½ cup fresh parsley
-1 clove chopped garlic

-6 wooden skewers
-12 jumbo shrimp
-12 jumbo scallops
-2 small zucchini cut into 1 inch round pieces
-6 small cherry tomatoes


-Preheat your char grill to a medium high heat; make sure the grates are clean.
-Soak the wooden skewers in water before grilling.
-Prepare your marinade and place into two plastic Ziploc bags.
-Place one end of the shrimp on the skewer with the scallop in the middle then skewer the other end of the shrimp.
-Repeat this process with three shrimp and scallops one 4 skewers, place in one of the marinade bags for 30-45 minutes.
-Skewer the zucchini and tomatoes on the other 2 skewers place alternating zucchini and tomatoes, make sure the zucchini is on the inside and not on the outside edge of a skewer or they will fall off, then place them in the other marinade bag for 30-45 minutes.
-Place zucchini skewers on grill for 6 minutes, turn and place the shrimp and scallop skewers on the grill.
-Grill the shrimp and scallop skewers about 4 minutes on each side the scallop should be pure white firm to touch.

-Every thing should be done about the same time, if you cook your rice ahead of time and keep it warm, the hardest part of the meal is the preparation, and that is not really that difficult at all. Enjoy your meal and grill all summer long!

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