Tiet Canh "Blood Soup"
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The Vietnamese Delicacy Blood Soup, or Tiet Canh, is controversial enough as it involves draining the blood of a live animal, but because of the diseases that can be caught from the blood, are deadly which is why the government is attempting to ban it from being made. This is a recipe I found and Translated if anyone is "daring" enough to try such a thing!


A fat duck, still alive, added 2 pluck duck
Banana, basil, cilantro gai
100 g peanuts, 100g small onion + scallions
1 kg of rice noodles
2 bonds tomatoes, 2 lemons, 2 banana AIM
Garlic, chilli, pepper, sugar, vinegar, fish sauce, ginger, water and grease


Stage 2: blood pudding
- So did Grilled onions and cilantro thorn in our disk
- Add 3 tablespoons cold water into the cup more, and then violently hit to break up our disk graph, for about 15 minutes and then winter.
- Peanuts roasted, peeled, slightly crushed stabbed, chopped liver boiled pomegranate seeds; for boiled peanuts and liver blood pudding onto plates, sprinkle pepper + more to aromatic coriander on top.
- Chicken boiled, filter out pieces of meat sliced 5 cups of thick, bone in the pot of water for ducks climb, cooking techniques for fresh water, of 1 / 2 hours in filtered water for use as nuoc leo. More seasoning salt + pepper + sauce + powder sweet taste for nuoc leo.
- AIM slot banana peel and thinly sliced, ginger tiny fake. When the bowl to eat: raw banana + chat + contract + ginger + + bun + duck blood pudding

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Another rare food that I

Another rare food that I probably wouldn't want to try...! Congrats!

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